Plan a Romantic Dinner by Your Cozy Tulsa Fireplace

Plan a Romantic Dinner by Your Cozy Tulsa Fireplace

Sometimes it gets easy to take loved ones for granted and not give them as much attention and affection as you'd like. This is especially true during the holidays when we're busy with our regular routines and holiday dinners, shopping, family gatherings, and other activities to plan for. Instead of letting your busy schedule keep you bogged down, … [Read more...]

Tips for Eating Healthy During Tulsa Thanksgiving Meals


It's no wonder that many of us seem to put on a few extra pounds during the holidays. We have so many different functions, gatherings, and dinners to attend with friends and family. Despite our best efforts not to overindulge, it still happens and we often feel guilty afterward, putting in more time at the gym or vowing to eat less as a part of our … [Read more...]

Cheer the Tulsa Oilers Against Brampton and Quad City

Cheer the Tulsa Oilers Against Brampton and Quad City

Whether you go west on 71st Street to 75 North or north on Sheridan Road to US-64 West, all roads lead to sports in Tulsa, and the best in the winter belongs at the BOK Center. Since 1926, our city has laid claim to an Oilers hockey franchise. The current incarnation was started in 1992 in the Central Hockey League (CHL), making the playoffs in nine … [Read more...]

Watch the Best “So You Think You Can Dance” Routines at Brady Theater

Watch the Best So You Think You Can Dance Routines at Brady Theater

If you loved them on television, you will be even happier when you see them live. The top 10 finalists from the 11th season of So You Think You Can Dance are coming to the Brady Theater on December 12th. You will thrill to the performances of  Bridget Whitman, Casey Askew, Emilio Dosal, Jacque LeWarne, Jessica Richens, Ricky Ubeda, Rudy Abreu, … [Read more...]

Taste Special Dishes at the March of Dimes Chef’s Auction in Tulsa

Taste Special Dishes at the March of Dimes Chef's Auction in Tulsa

Perhaps you love tasty food from top chefs, or you simply like to support fundraisers in your community. Regardless, events in Tulsa, like the March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction, is sure to provide a great night on the town. This event helps to raise funds for babies and healthy pregnancies, and it will take place on November 14th. It will … [Read more...]

Try Boston Deli in Tulsa for the BBQ Brisket Burger

Try Boston Deli in Tulsa for the BBQ Brisket Burger

Finding a favorite among all of the restaurants in Tulsa is not easy with all of the choice offerings throughout the city and the surrounding area. There is a wide selection of international cuisines and eateries that supply different types of tastes from all around the world. Living in our affordable Tulsa apartment community gives you a distinct … [Read more...]

Create a Fall Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving in Tulsa

Polo Run Decorations

It is time to get festive once again. The holidays are coming up and it will be the season for decorating once again. Winter themes will seem to merge like a quick storm on the rise. Your best bet is to work with some decorations that will keep your home feeling festive and seasonal without wearing you out and wearing you down in the … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Dog Get Over the Fear of Nail Cutting

Polo Run Dog

To keep dogs from digging outside or hurting you with their nails, it's necessary for trims to happen regularly. Dogs can be naturally fearful as a cut too close can result in serious pain. Follow these tips to keep your pet happy in pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa: Find a warm body of water for your dog to swim in. Swimming relieves stress and … [Read more...]

Try Arugula Salad at Doc’s Wine and Food

Try Arugula Salad at Doc's Wine and Food

The restaurants in South Tulsa are famous for their excellent cuisine, but few can offer better Cajun and Creole than Doc's Wine and Food. The eatery is open for brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, so whenever you have the time, you should stop by. If you just want a little something, the half-arugula salad and cup of gumbo is a spicy treat that … [Read more...]

See Ani DiFranco Perform at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa

See Ani DiFranco Perform at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa

If you are wanting to get out and try something new, there are many events at Cain's Ballroom you can go see. Check out Ani DiFranco's upcoming concert at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. You will love this talented and unique musician. The performance is held on October 26th. Mark it on your calendar so you can be there. The doors open at 7 pm. Ticket … [Read more...]

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Helping Residents’ Pets Can Keep Them in Their Apartment Longer

Helping Residents' Pets Can Keep Them in Their Apartment Longer

Unlike twenty years ago, catering to pets in apartment communities is becoming a standard selling point with prospective residents. It used to be that most rental properties prohibited all kinds of pets. But now, with so many former homeowners insisting that their valued canine and feline family members accompany them into rental situations, apartment … [Read more...]

Show Residents Appreciation with Personal Recognition

Show Residents Appreciation with Personal Recognition

As a property manager, it is important to make attempts to keep your residents happy living at the housing community that you manage. After all, you want them to continue living where they currently reside. Personally show your residents appreciation with the following resident retention tips. Whenever you see your residents, whether it be in … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

There are many things that property management companies can do to help new residents move in smoothly. These move-in day tips will help make the process comfortable, leading to a strong relationship with your new residents from day one: A good moving day experience can start before the removal van even arrives. Help relieve the stress by … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal: Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Curb Appeal Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Taking care of an apartment community isn't always easy. You'll want to make it look good and appealing. If you are trying to increase property curb appeal in the wintertime, this can be a challenge. There are a few tips to help you out. When it comes to property curb appeal, here are some ways to make an apartment community beautiful in the … [Read more...]

Property Managers: The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

Property Managers The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

As property managers, it is important be on top of apartment paint color trends and pick shades that residents won't mind. For instance, you'll want to pick a color that will appeal to a wide group of people. Make note of the following painting ideas for apartments. Pick a shade that is neutral or lightly tinted, staying away from bright, bold … [Read more...]